Xnet Networks, Inc.


NetVISION service is giving small to mid-size businesses network monitoring and management expertise and services comparable to the most sophisticated Network Operations Centers (NOCs) of the Fortune 500 companies.

Xnet’s NetVISION maintains optimum reliability, availability and performance for client networks without the expense of equipping, staffing and maintaining a NOC. For organizations whose network IT budgets have been stretched by multiple and rapidly evolving technology developments, NetVISION puts Xnet’s experienced network engineers to work doing the monitoring and management of clients’ networks, 24/7, allowing companies to focus on important core business objectives and strategic initiatives.

Key Features:

24x7 Active Network Monitoring and Event Management

Maintenance of key network topology

Operational procedure and notification

Escalation rules documentation

Auto-Discovery of Devices and Device Relationships

Comprehensive Reporting via Web Portal

Reactive Software and Configuration repair by Remote Access

Network Equipment Change and Release Management