Xnet Networks, Inc.


HotSpot solutions for your clients

Easy and safe way to share wireless local network to customers waiting for service.

The tool tailored to the individual needs enables communication with every customer owning the device with WLAN/WiFi technology.

Effective marketing

  • Attractive advertising space
  • Home page with dedicated information
  • Presentation of the current offers to a wide range of users
  • Data collection and marketing research
  • Interactive communication that allows a better understanding of customer needs

Security and traffic control

  • Public network, completely separated from the internal network
  • Network that meets all standards and safety regulations
  • Data transfer limit configuration
  • Gathering data about network usage to identify illegal activities

Easy and fast service

  • The configuration does not require the help of professionals
  • Easy operation of system
  • Access to the network on the chosen conditions


Financial institutions

Industrial producers

Supermarkets and retail chains